"There are three types of people in the world: those who can count, and those who can't."

The comedy line above says a lot about most of today's social and economic questions. Almost all experts interested in the human condition talk about the economy in two terms, Labor and Capital.

Regrettably, they neglect or forget about a third aspect of the economy:

The Commons. The Commons is the key to alleviating poverty, purging corporations of their undue power, nourishing democratic values and institutions, and vaulting environmental protection into the people's purview.

SPECIAL ONLINE EVENT - Wednesday evening, February 21, 7-8 pm

Introduction to The Commons SF's take on election analysis

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So much of the election season is "dog whistling" and name-calling, or, when positive, strict attention to specific issues but largely unmindful of the bigger picture. Join others in learning a quick and clean way to "cut to the quick" of political analysis.

The Commons SF keeps its eyes on the prize, namely who controls location. Control of place, control of access to location is the starting place for understanding everything else political. If you're "not in the room, you ain't happening." Immigration, voting rights, wage differentials, zoning policy, and everything else begins with "Who's making the dough when it comes to uplift in community-generated land values?"

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